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Drug registration Commissioner: 1

Salary: basic salary 4400-5400 yuan / month (Basic + Post) + performance salary + working age salary + post subsidy. Requirement:

1. bachelor degree, major in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering;
2. CET-4 or above certificate, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;
3. strong learning ability and strong sense of responsibility.
4. can skillfully use Word, PowerPoint and other office software;
5. the work experience of drug enterprises in 1~2 years is good.
The duties of the medical and forensic Commissioner:
1. take part in the maintenance of the company's regulations.
2. participate in drafting and declaration of DMF revision of company drug master documents.
3. participate in the related work of the company's regulatory body certification.
4. participate in the translation of quality documents and other related translations.
5. participate in drafting and revising quality documents of the pharmaceutical administration and law department.
6. take part in the assignment of other superiors.

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Physicochemical inspector: 1

Salary: basic salary 4400-5200 yuan / month (Basic + Post) + performance salary + working age salary + post subsidy.

1. carry out the management rules of the QC department.
2. in accordance with the quality standards and inspection procedures, responsible for the physical and chemical related sampling and testing of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products, finished products, experimental water and so on.
3. responsible for the reliability of physical and chemical test data.
4. responsible for physical and chemical related instruments validation, daily use and maintenance to ensure that instruments and equipment are in good condition.
5. responsible for the purchase and management of reagents and standard products for physical and chemical tests.
6. responsible for the investigation and processing of the physical and chemical test results exceeding the standard, and participate in the formulation and revision of the relevant SOP.
7. responsible for verification of physical and chemical testing methods and related cleaning validation.

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Purchaser: 1

Salary: basic salary 5500-6300 yuan / month (Basic + Post) + performance salary + working age salary + post subsidy.

Requirements: complete the purchase of raw materials, low value and consumable goods, and maintain good supplier relationship.
Complete the delivery of goods.
Cooperate with QA manager to complete departmental quality related work.
Finish all the other work of the Department.
Requirements for office:
1. college degree or above;
2. experience in purchasing medicine, biology and chemical industry, familiar with the procurement process of pharmaceutical raw materials;
3. recognised company culture, proactive and responsible.
4. strong learning and execution ability, good communication, coordination and teamwork ability.

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